Welcome to Needs2dance!

The passion for dance and movement is deeply embedded in our family. The opening of the store this 2018 comes with a full circle, and we can now offer our products to meet our customer's needs. As early as 1992, the first dance dresses in our family were self-sewn together for the children to join the dancing tournament. From the economic shortcomings was a virtue. A look of elegance and quality.


Today, we want to pass this experience on to our customers. Everyone should have the opportunity to enter into the world of dancing and to achieve his/her dreams. Wheather hip-hop or elegant evening wear, Our products offer high quality, guaranteed to meet your needs and affordable. Our motivated team is always striving, with creativity and diligence to put up a smile on your face and you shine on your event uniquely. From the center of Berlin, we are always in search of the newest trends and offer a wide current range in order to achieve the best for you. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a customer in our home and remain.

With Kind Regards,

Simone and Stephan.



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